Pull a nail – for freedom of expression

source : komuniti kini

by Leven Woon on 16 Jun, 2010
in Kuala Lumpur, News.

Various media and civil right groups are inviting every citizen to pull out a nail from a large nail artwork at Selangor Chinese Asssembly Hall to protest the infamous Printing, Presses and Publications Act 1984 (PPPA).

The artwork, made with more than 1000 nails that form the words “Printing, Presses and Publication Act 1984”, is an extensive effort from the groups since last month’s 528 “Tak Mau Potong” event.

528 Media Action Group Coordinator and Writers Alliance of Media Independence (WAMI) representative Ng Yap Hwa said the event aims to raise concern among the public on the shrinking media freedom under PPPA 1984.

“By pulling out a nail, (it is a)public act to request the repeal of PPPA which is shrinking the country’s media sphere.

“This is also their demand for a greater freedom of expression from the ruling,”

The artist, Liew Teck Leong said he decided to use nails as his material to symbolise the grassroots society with low income.

“I use nails, hammer,pliers and others hardware materials. It cost me one week to complete it.”

The display is opened to the public from 9am to 7pm everyday until June 28.

The event is jointly-organised by 528 Media Action Group, WAMI, Civil Right Community of Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall and Centre of Independent Journalists (CIJ).

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The artist uses video clip downloaded from internet, by using editing techniques, the original digital video has been compressed, distorted and gradually changes to digital symbol; There is outline but cannot be distinguished, the politician’s speech is akin to noise.

Mass media no longer freely reflects people’s view. Moreover, it has put aside the well-being and democracy of people. It does not feel shameful for becoming a propaganda machine of UMNO and no longer as a channel of exploring the truth.

In order to find the truth, people will be desperate to “drill into” narrower and smaller tunnel

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The mainstream media in our country is controlled by the political parties and business tycoon. They tend to support the government, and work as the voice machine of government officers, political parties and businessman. This art performance is a dissent voice against those actions which impose restriction to the press and editorial freedom, and the mainstream reports that losing their objective ground.

The artists paint the Chinese word “Black(黑)” to white colour and paint the “White (白)” to black colour

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Banned book list by Sharon Chin

bannedbooks (version 1)

A banned books list compiled by artist Sharon Chin, as attached, see what kind of books banned by the home ministry. Part of the statistics shown in 528 tak nak potong night.

Read more at her blog Banned Books and Other Monsters

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Raja Petra Kamaruddin on Press Freedom

RPK speaks in 528 Tak Nak Potong Night

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Pamphlet for 528 Tak Nak Potong Night

handout 528

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[Photos] Malam Tak Nak Potong 528

Malam Tak Nak Potong 528, Photos

(Lack of photos – 18 MP by Amir Muhammad )

The Participants

Mei Yee & Sarah from Komas explain what happened to “Selepas Tsunami”, Gaduh & Freedom Film Festival

Chief Editor of Kabar Era Pakatan, Mr. Mat Zahari Ali is talking about his experience of dealing with KDN on printing permit.

Artist cum academic Sharon Chin shares one of her “monster” and the result of banned book research

“Lonely KL Press” by Lim Sow Seng, sharing and exhibition

Artist Wong Eng Leong and friend are performing “Black out”, they use 200-300 units of newspapers, turn black (黑) word to white (白) colour, turn white word to black colour

“I am proud to be women” by Wong Su Zane

“Ignoring freedom of media is trampling our future” by satu hulu action group

“Election Daze” script reading by Faiqsyazwan kuhiri, roger liew & Mark Teh

Poetry reading by Teh Hon Seng & Yong Ai Lin, Malay translation by Lim Hong Siang

Pop Tee Vee, Interview with Chou Z Lam on Bakun documentary

Raja Petra Kamaruddin speaks in support of Malam Tak Nak Potong 528

“Heaven of Demons” by Wong Eng Leong. “鬼造天堂”

“Pull Out : Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984” by Liew Teck Leong


“Action to be confirmed” by Chai Chang Hwang. “干吗?”蔡长璜制作

“Najib’s head stolen from billboard” by Fahmi Reza

“Right to read” – Snakes ladder games and banned books installation  by Tan Hui Koon

“Gedung Kartun” exhibition by Zunar

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